Climate Smart: Carbon footprinting for businesses.

Emissions measurement and carbon management software that doesn’t require a PhD. That’s Climate Smart.




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Scope 1, 2, and 3

Track all types of emissions, including scopes 1,2, and 3 with our carbon accounting software.

Pinpoint your emissions

Map your emissions and understand where they are coming from.

Become certified

Showcase your climate commitment and gain a competitive edge by obtaining a green business certification.

Receive guided support

Get 1:1 training with our advisor to learn more about sustainability management software and how to become a sustainable business.

Carbon accounting in one, two, three.

Be efficient with data gathering. Much more efficient.

Calculate your carbon footprint, map your emissions, and understand where your emissions originate from. Sort data by location, type of activity, employee, and even revenue!

One round of reductions is good. Multiple is better.

Generate actionable plans to reduce emissions further. Monitor your emissions yearly and find ways to continue reducing emissions in the years ahead. Practice the Greenhouse Gas Protocol - the international standard for carbon accounting.

Training & Certification

Receive our exclusive training to learn the basics of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon accounting best practices. Complete your emissions inventory and carbon reduction plan, and get fully certified. Show clients and vendors your climate action plan.

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What our clients are saying about Climate Smart.

"Since 2014, Colortec has achieved a staggering 64% reduction in their GHG emissions while maintaining a strong presence in the business community."


"Musket Transport’s facilities are a leading example of how sustainability can be integrated into a business in a number of creative, fun ways. Most recently, Musket Transport has launched a program to repurpose old shipping containers."


Help the planet. Become sustainable.