Data Analyst

Calgary, AB

As a Data Analyst at Radicle, you will be working closely with the Client & Project Management Team, the Project Design team, and the other Data Processing & Quality Control Team members to process data and evidence associated with carbon offset projects and ensure the completeness and accuracy of the data. Data and evidence for projects will include:

· Inventory data and photographic or documentary evidence (work orders etc.) for credit-generating assets (e.g. serial numbers, specifications, location of assets)

· Metered data

· Operational logs and records pertaining to ongoing maintenance and monitoring of credit-generating asset

· Operational data from existing data collection and data management systems used in a variety of sectors and industries

You will support the Client & Project Management team to identify discrepancies and ensure accurate evidence is collected, and support the Project Design team by identifying improvements to new and existing policies and procedures. Key requirements of the position include ensuring high standards of data accuracy and completeness are maintained, following written processes and procedures, and taking part in revisions of key documents.

Primary Job Components

  • Accurate and timely data processing
  • Data input and review
  • Data analysis - comparing data and evidence to identify discrepancies or potential data issues
  • Preparing reports on data completeness and deficiencies for clients
  • Identifying software improvements
  • Continually work towards better processes and system
  • Collaborate with other departments to continuously improve processes
  • Be an active member of a motivated, engaged, and positive team environment

Experience, Skills and Characteristics

  • Strong organizational skills, with a strong tendency for practical business thinking, logic and process building
  • Detail orientated with a tolerance for repetitive analytical work
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate tasks to deliver results on time, as well as the ability to self-motivate and work both independently and in a collaborative team setting
  • Positivity and high expectations of self, a passion for fighting climate change and serving customers, and deep appreciation of the importance of corporate values


Radicle is a team driving planet-positive change through a combination of technology and people. Being part of that energy involves working across fast-paced and growing teams with your avant-garde and forward thinking.

We value both EQ and IQ. Our culture embraces both emotional and intellectual intelligence. Psychological safety is a necessity if we are to reach our ambitious goals. To support this roadmap, we have partnered with CultureSmith, which gives us the tools we need and continued education to ensure leaders stay leaders and teams stay teams.

We invest in our people. We strive to give you a place to grow and thrive outside of your comfort zones, with a team that empowers and supports you every step of the way.

No one is an island. You will be expected to collaborate with your peers both internally and externally to your business unit and given freedoms to express solutions creatively.

We believe growth is a journey. We celebrate failures as learning experiences. Our goal is to course-correct early and often – that's one way we'll know we're on the right path.

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