Director, Carbon Capture & Sequestration & Industrial Innovation

We are looking for an enthusiastic and experienced individual to join our Innovation Team at Radicle. The ideal candidate thrives in a collaborative team environment, can meet immediate needs while planning for the future and strives for continuous improvement. As a leader of Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS) and industrial project types within the Innovation team, you would have oversight on effectively all new projects related to carbon capture and storage (including utilization and storage) and other industrial sustainability initiatives. As such you will have an immediate and substantial influence in empowering climate action and aligning those actions with environmental commodity markets (and other monetization pathways) for industrial emission reductions and removals at various scales.

Reporting to the Director, Innovation, you will be responsible for evaluating, developing and testing new pathways for emission reductions within North America and globally. This role involves combining your deep expertise with a curious and fearless attitude to pursue opportunities that may have never been investigated before. The role will involve internal and external responsibilities related to new and existing opportunities with support to and from other teams within Radicle. The role will also favour a candidate with an intrinsic interest in and specific awareness of novel developments in technology, methodologies, markets and international agreements within the world of carbon.

About You

  • Deep expertise and understanding of industrial sustainability technologies including CCS/CCUS
  • Awareness of the limits on your expertise and who to consult when you reach them
  • Detailed, and interested in the technical aspects of everything
  • Curious, savvy, and ready to take on novel tasks and projects
  • Calm and honest in the face of multiple deadlines and drivers
  • Open-minded and willing to learn new tasks and initiatives
  • An initiator, and a driver of change and progress

Primary Job Components

  • Oversee and execute on internal onboarding processes for novel carbon crediting and monetization opportunities into our carbon credit ecosystem/tech stack
  • Conduct and oversee external investigation and identification of novel carbon monetization opportunities and risks, including international work, across all global carbon markets
  • Coordinate and collaborate with multiple business unit team members for the successful implementation of projects
  • Provide critical projects development expertise to facilitate carbon trading initiatives
  • Support information collection (and be a source of information) regarding trends in environmental commodities markets and global innovation to inform the development of clear strategies in the industrial sustainability space
  • Assess project activities to advise clients on carbon market and monetization opportunities
  • Manage a portfolio of emission reduction project types, including technical expertise, relationships with registries, global development and applicable regulations
  • Quantify emission reductions based on industry standards and globally accepted methods
  • Critically evaluate emission reduction protocols and methodologies for strategic opportunities and risk implications
  • Effectively communicate advances in monetization and technology to management and other business units
  • Work collaboratively, acting as a leader or intrapreneur across business units, and across project development stages

Experience, Skills and Characteristics

  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in greenhouse gas accounting or emissions management, or a related field
  • Familiarity with local, regional and global CCS/CCUS and industrial emitter regulations
  • Experience in carbon markets across a variety of jurisdictions (large emitter compliance, fuel standards, voluntary markets)
  • Proven experience with project management/implementation success across multiple stakeholders and/or jurisdictions
  • Strong technical, engineering or scientific background (chemical/mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering/diploma, environmental sciences/engineering, instrumentation, environmental chemistry, etc.); Candidates without a technical background but demonstrating economics experience in environmental commodities markets may be considered, or considered for future roles
  • Previous familiarity or experience with carbon offset project development
  • Proven senior experience in technical writing and technical interpretation
  • Direct sector experience in at least two of the following: geological CO2 storage including in saline aquifer, via Enhanced Oil Recovery, or in depleted oil/gas reservoirs, engineered (non-nature-based) carbon capture from industrial or atmospheric sources, engineered/industrial carbon storage (e.g. mineralization)
  • Other innovative industrial sustainability/emission reduction project types in the following sectors: power, energy, cement/construction


  • ISO 14064 or 14065 certification
  • Emissions regulation and/or reporting experience
  • Formal education in GHG accounting
  • Previous familiarity or experience in other related sustainability topics Previous familiarity or experience with carbon offset project development


Radicle is a team driving planet-positive change through a combination of technology and people. Being part of that energy typically involves touching base with your team at some point throughout the day in what we call our Daily Standup, which for you might be at the beginning or middle of your day. After that you can mob, pair, or take on an endeavor on your own – it's entirely about how you work best with the challenge you’ve set out to solve. You’ll work with product owners on a delivery team to deliver and demo increments each sprint, and to plan out the next sprint.

EQ vs IQ. Our culture embraces both emotional and intellectual intelligence. In fact, we care more about your EQ. Psychological safety is a necessity if we are to reach our ambitious goals. That’s why we’ve partnered with CultureSmith, which gives us the tools we need and continued education to ensure leaders stay leaders and teams stay teams.

It’s a journey, not a destination. We celebrate failures as learning experiences. Our goal is to course-correct early and often – that's one way we’ll know we’re on the right path.

We invest in our people. Everyone has room to grow personally and professionally, and we try to equip each individual with the resources to continue to learn and grow on their journey. This includes time and budgets for professional development. We strive to give you a safe place to grow and will push you outside of your comfort zones.

No-one is an island. You’ll be called upon by your peers for technical guidance, and since this is a senior position you’ll have experience (and failures) under your belt to help offer sensible advice. You’ll be expected to collaborate with your peers both internally and externally to your business unit, and given freedoms to express solutions creatively.

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We thank all applicants for their interest in advance. Only those chosen for interviews will be contacted.

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