Emission Measurement: Your first step toward sustainability.

Reducing emissions starts with efficient and accurate measurement. Not rocket science.




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A planet-friendly way to cut costs and increase profits.

For those just starting out with carbon footprinting or on their way to carbon credit development. The planet and your balance sheets say thank you.

Measure emissions

Collect and measure emissions data using Radicle’s software.

Reduce operational costs

Reduce carbon emissions and cut your operational costs. For real.

Attract top talent

Take climate action and attract top-notch industry talent.

Competitive advantage

Be one of the first in your industry to turn change into a competitive advantage.

BMO Radicle’s average emissions reduction.

The Carbon Tech Stack.

From collection to calculation, accelerate your emissions reduction project with our state-of-the-art suite of carbon tools. Measure and manage your carbon footprint with Radicle software or use our mobile application to collect emission data from the field.

Carbon Footprinting

Understand, measure, and create green plans to reduce your emissions.

  • Cut emissions to lower your operational costs.
  • Track and account for all types of emissions (scope 1, 2, 3 emissions).
  • Measure the impact of your climate-related actions - on the planet and on your bottom line.
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Radicle Field Measurement software designed to help organizations to measure, manage, and monetize carbon offset projects.

Field Measurement

Mobile application for accurate on-the-go field data collection.

  • Capture data backed by evidence vital to measuring and creating carbon offsets.
  • Can be used for any industry, protocol, or methodology.
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Take your first step toward Net Zero. Start measuring your emissions.

Knowledge is power.

“Radicle’s Climate Smart training helped us build an optimal implementation plan that is practical yet still gives us room to be aspirational.”

Melissa Radu, Sustainability Manager at Edmonton Convention Centre

“Radicle’s Field Measurement Software saved us considerable time in gathering and inputting field collected data.”

Help the planet. Become sustainable.