Carbon Credit Solutions Announces Company Name Change to Radicle

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At Radicle, balance between financial and environmental sustainability is possible.

Today, the CCSI Group of Companies – comprised of Carbon Credit Solution Inc. (CCSI), Climate Smart Group, Cap-Op Energy, TriCore Carbon Solutions, and Carbon Solutions Group – announced they have consolidated all of their planet-positive companies under a new name: Radicle.

Radicle takes their name after that of the first growth of a seed, where Charles Darwin described the radicle as the brain of a plant, receiving impressions from its environment, and informing its movements. This name reflects the group’s evolved vision and comes with a new look, feel, and enhanced digital experience.

“While our name has changed, our work to help guide companies towards more sustainable practices through clean-tech deployment and leveraging emissions markets remains constant,” says Ed Alfke, CEO of Radicle. “We’re excited to continue working with our clients to leverage technology and data to tackle the challenges they face related to staying profitable while positively impacting the environment.”

CCSI was founded in Calgary, Canada 12 years ago, developing one of the world’s first software platforms to measure, qualify, and aggregate greenhouse gas emissions. Since getting their start in 2008, they have grown into different companies and have made several strategic acquisitions over the years. These companies have all been focused on helping businesses and organizations worldwide with their sustainable practices.

“At Radicle, we know that balance between financial and environmental sustainability is not only possible, but it’s also crucial,” says Alfke. “We’re continuing to innovate and rapidly expand on a global scale; consolidating to a single brand under Radicle will help us get there.”

Environment care commitments and sustainability pledges are important for companies as they transform the way they do business. Companies looking for support in navigating the sustainable business landscape are often turning to partners like Radicle, who can help meet sustainable development goals and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria, while lowering operating costs and emissions, regardless of industry.

Help the planet. Become sustainable.