Radicle Offers Free Methane Inventory Software to Canadian Energy Sector

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Radicle’s Methane Abatement Project Platform (MAPP) Inventory software is now available at no cost for qualified oil and gas inventory service providers across Canada, enabling companies to accelerate methane emission reductions.

Calgary, Canada Radicle Group Inc. (Radicle), the largest developer of compliance carbon credits in Canada, announced today they are offering their Methane Abatement Project Platform (MAPP) Inventory tool free to qualified oil and gas producers and field service companies in Canada.

Radicle is providing this tool free of charge to help companies access government funding and accelerate greenhouse gas emission reductions by implementing new, made in Canada, methane abatement technologies. By eliminating the hurdle of paying for the tool, Radicle is making it easy and economical for companies to develop and implement emission reduction plans.

Radicle’s MAPP Inventory tool is a sophisticated mobile application that has been used to inventory over 16,000 facilities throughout Alberta. Its intuitive interface simplifies the process of collecting the data and evidence needed to quantify current emissions and, when appropriate, develop an emission abatement plan and create valuable carbon credits.

The Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta are providing funding to the oil and gas sector – investing in green solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stimulate jobs in the industry. High-quality site inventories are essential to many of the funding programs currently available, including Natural Resources Canada’s Emissions Reduction Fund. Completing a Baseline Opportunity Assessment is one element of accessing this funding or as part of the funded opportunities, and these assessments are one of MAPP’s core functionalities.

MAPP is also an ideal tool to use in conjunction with Alberta’s Baseline Reduction Opportunity Assessment (BROA) fund. BROA will fund up to 80% of the cost to obtain a detailed inventory of methane emitting equipment, along with all other equipment on site. It will also fund the cost to identify and quantify methane emission sources, vents, and leaks and report on projects needed to comply with the provincial methane emissions requirements and on cost-effective project opportunities that go beyond provincial reduction requirements.

“Radicle is a pragmatic emission reductions company, and we are proud to be able to support greenhouse gas reductions in Canada’s oil and gas sector by providing MAPP for free,” says Alastair Handley, President of Radicle. “MAPP, in conjunction with government funding programs, will result in emissions reductions and jobs, while supporting new technology providers.”

High-quality and detailed data is the first key step in realizing emissions reductions that are eligible for emission offsets in Alberta’s markets.

To qualify and schedule a live demo of the MAPP Inventory tool, contact us – we’re ready when you are.

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