Radicle Takes Action to Accelerate Emissions Reductions by Investing in Low-Carbon Fuel Company

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Radicle walks the talk on its journey of accelerating emissions reductions by investing in a promising Alberta-based low-carbon fuel project.

Calgary, Canada Radicle Group Inc. (Radicle) President, Saj Shapiro, announced today that Radicle is investing in Canary Biofuels Inc., a new generation biofuels production company in Southern Alberta, Canada.

“By using agriculture waste products, Canary will produce biodiesel that provides new revenue sources for local Western Canadian agricultural producers. A key benefit of producing biodiesel is that it is in high demand and will significantly reduce carbon emissions at scale,” commented Shapiro. “The Canary Biofuels facility is scheduled to run at full capacity by year-end.”

“We are excited to showcase how Western Canadian expertise in both the agriculture and energy sectors can help reduce carbon emissions for both Alberta and North America. We will use our local expertise to produce biofuel products that reduce waste and cut carbon emissions,” stated George Wadsworth, President and CEO of Canary.

Radicle is applying its expertise in carbon markets and Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) regulations to identify opportunities and help project developers maximize greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions and minimize compliance costs.

“Our goal is to align our interests with those of our partners to make better strategic decisions that enhance environmental performance, reduce regulatory risks, and optimize long-term value steams,” said Shapiro.

To learn more about how Radicle is accelerating low-carbon fuels, reach out to Brad Neff, Director of Biofuels, at bneff@radiclebalance.com.

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