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Carbon markets help business leaders profitably reduce their footprint and enhance competitiveness as part of a complete sustainability strategy that we offer here at Radicle. We make buying and selling credits across global markets simpler, more impactful, and more secure.

A carbon credit represents a one-tonne reduction in or removal of atmospheric carbon dioxide or equivalent (CO2e). Credits are generated from projects that prevent emissions that would have taken place without the project or remove emissions from the atmosphere. Companies can purchase these offsets and apply them against their own emissions to voluntarily work towards net-zero and carbon neutrality commitments or comply with regulations. In other words, they offset their own emissions by purchasing reductions or removals achieved by another entity. Carbon offsets are supporting the transition to a low carbon economy. And we’re all about that.

Through carbon credits, you can:

  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Reduce your organization’s carbon footprint
  • Grow revenue
  • Fulfill supplier needs
  • Engage stakeholders and differentiate as a sustainable brand
  • Strengthen your social license and support ESG efforts

With stakeholders favouring responsible business and governments incentivizing emissions reductions, trading carbon credits can provide significant revenue generation and cost savings opportunities for thriving businesses in the low carbon economy. Whether you are an active participant in carbon markets or are new to the space, we can help ensure you trade for maximum impact and value.

How We Can Help

Global carbon markets are complex. With many government regulated compliance markets, an ongoing dialogue around structure and standards for voluntary markets, a multitude of different projects with varying degrees of credibility, and opaque market forces and pricing, buying and selling offsets can be daunting. We can navigate the markets with you by supporting the development of your market participation strategy and providing credible and trusted access to carbon offset markets as part of your larger carbon management strategy.

We bring value by:

  • Providing secure access to global carbon markets
  • Leveraging our technical, policy, and commercial expertise to support your strategy development and market participation
  • Tailoring service and transaction options to suit your needs

We also support end-to-end solutions with deep expertise across the carbon value ecosystem and offer portfolios comprised of credits curated from a selection of high-quality, high impact offset projects.

Global Market Coverage

Our trading team transacts in voluntary and compliance carbon markets globally. The carbon markets we transact in include:

Voluntary markets

  • Verified Carbon Standard (VCS/Verra)
  • Gold Standard (GS)
  • American Carbon Registry (ACR)
  • Climate Action Reserve (CAR)

Compliance markets

  • California Cap-and-Trade
  • Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)
  • Alberta TIER
  • Canadian Federal OBPS

We have all types of local and global credits, spanning multiple project types, such as nature-based solutions, renewable energy, energy efficiency and industrial processes.

Working Toward Carbon Neutrality

Navigated well, carbon markets represent an incredible opportunity for businesses to turn the transition to a low-carbon economy into a benefit for the planet and their bottom line. The idea is simple – but the markets can be tricky. Reach out to us for support navigating the world of carbon credit trading.

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