Carbon Credit Trading

Where buyers and sellers meet.

A carbon credit (aka carbon offset) represents a one tonne reduction in carbon dioxide through the work of projects actively aimed at decreasing emissions. Carbon markets offer companies and people a way to invest in, and encourage, innovative and sustainable practices both directly and indirectly. And we’re all about it.

We bring you value by providing customized transaction options, tailored insights, and scalable access into opaque and illiquid carbon markets. We find the best-fit opportunities, including negotiating and executing on carbon transactions. We also support end-to-end solutions for your carbon credit lifecycle – from development and creation, through to procurement and retirement.

We have access to different quantities and types of local and global credits, from project types spanning the nature-based solutions, renewable energy, and methane abatement sectors.

Our trading team transacts in voluntary and compliance carbon markets globally. The carbon markets we transact in include:

  • Voluntary markets – Registries: VCS/Verra, Gold Standard, ACR, CAR, CSA
  • Compliance markets – Alberta TIER, Canadian Federal OBPS, California Cap-and-Trade

Opportunities to leverage carbon markets include:

  • Achieving regulatory compliance
  • Reducing your organization’s carbon footprint
  • Shifting to the low-carbon economy
  • Driving towards emission reduction targets and net-zero
  • Support ESG efforts and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Offsetting emissions from your travel – learn about the projects we support and offset your corporate or individual travel here.

Reach out if you’re looking to buy or sell offsets.