Carbon Credit Development

Plant some profit. We make it easy to grow by reducing your carbon footprint.

Turn emission reductions into revenue with our turnkey carbon credit development and monetization strategies. From planning and strategy to execution and market access, we make the path clear. Carbon markets present a real opportunity for organizations to monetize positive change. Organizations can create new revenue streams by generating carbon credits from reduction and removal initiatives and selling them on global exchanges. With stakeholders favouring responsible businesses and governments incentivizing and requiring reductions, organizations around the world are hungry to offset their carbon footprint. With us, you can help supply the growing demand for carbon credits.

Whether you’ve yet to come up with project ideas or are about to break ground, we can help with every stage of the development process, from ideation to issuance, and ensure your credits make it to market without issue. We can even help create new protocols for project types that have yet to be approved by regulating bodies.

How We Can Help

Developing a carbon credit generating project is complex and requires deep insight and knowledge into regulations and the process regulating bodies rely on to maintain high standards in the marketplace. Properly planned, a carbon offset project can provide many immediate and long-lasting benefits beyond recurring revenue, including increasing operational efficiencies, safety, supply chain transparency, and goodwill with stakeholders.

We bring value by:

  • Uncovering new revenue opportunities in your business
  • Providing a clear path to monetization and direct access to global carbon markets
  • Setting up projects with a secure, ongoing, and scalable production system to drive recurring revenue
  • Generating opportunities from new and existing protocols
  • Financing projects through investment, equipment leasing, and credit development
  • Aggregating smaller projects across facilities and businesses to make previously unprofitable credit development projects worthwhile
  • Providing software that allows clients to monetize their emission reduction projects faster, cheaper, and at scale, while still maintaining the highest quality
  • Leveraging our integrated model and proprietary technology to simplify, accelerate, and make more transparent the credit development process for you and third-party verifiers

At Radicle, we are always expanding development opportunities and serve most industries, including energy, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and transportation.

Highlight Industries


Since our inception, our oil and gas offsets are responsible for 28% of all offsets in Alberta. This has been achieved through multiple projects, such as Carbon Capture & Storage, high-to-low conversions, instrument air to instrument gas, electrification, vent gas reduction, and Low Carbon fuels. We are also one of the top producers of Renewable Carbon Credits in Alberta through our various solar projects. More on energy services.


Throughout Canada, the United States, and Brazil, we have enabled thousands of growers to implement emissions reduction initiatives that generate credits and grow revenue. From conservation cropping to nitrogen management and beyond, we have generated more credits from annual crops than most any other developer. More on agriculture services.


Afforestation, reforestation, avoided conservation or protection—we work alongside industry leaders to create new profit centres from sustainable practices. If there is an opportunity to develop credits from your operations, we can make the process easy and profitable. More on forestry services.

Whether you work in manufacturing, food processing, transportation, professional services, or a wide range of other industries and sectors, Radicle can provide you a clear path to market for credit development, including strategy, financing, project development, and trading.

A Radicle Approach

As one of the largest developers in North America, Radicle’s leading carbon offset project development services provide clients with award winning talent, best-in-class systems and technology, ongoing support, and a unique model that ensures they fully leverage emissions markets. On top of that, our team is equally invested in helping your organization make an impact, and we’re willing to share some of your risk to prove it. It’s a truly radical approach.

To date, we have generated more than $100 million (CAD) in value for our clients by creating and selling emissions offsets. Let’s add to that number together.

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