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Our story

In the face of the climate crisis, cool heads will prevail.

Radicle is enabling planet-positive solutions for sweeping and accessible change. Since developing one of the world’s first software platforms to measure, qualify, and aggregate greenhouse gas emissions, Radicle’s purpose has been to help organizations across the globe monetize their environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) efforts and improve the quality of life for the planet, and its people. We’re inviting everyone to participate in emissions markets in net positive ways, and we have the expertise to guide you. We’re focused on the future – on making sure it’s a bright one stretching well beyond our generation. You’re welcome, future grandkids.

Our Values

They’re at our core, and they’re what we value.

We think fearlessly to explore and inspire new ideas.

We’re bold but nimble. We question, iterate, and adapt quickly to change.

We strive for the best and are proud of the quality of work we deliver every time, all the time.

We know that everything and everyone is elevated through collaboration. We welcome honesty and value different perspectives.

Our team

You’re in good company.

Ed Alfke

CEO & Chairman of the Board

Entrepreneur, environmentalist, intrepid traveler, and adventurous foodie.

Chelsea Bryant

Managing Director, Global Markets & Strategy

Carbon market expert with a big love for the countryside.

Shahira Esmail

Managing Director, Sustainability Strategy & Credit Development

Climate change expert with her eye on some high peaks.

Alastair Handley

Founder & Board Member

Clean-tech innovator, environmental market pioneer, and temporarily landlocked surfer.

Richard Kennedy

Director, Project Development

Environmentally minded agriculture expert and part-time pool shark.

Dwayne LaMontagne

Chief Financial Officer

Environmental quantification whiz, climate change mitigator, and bowling devotee.

Cooper Robinson

Director, Technical Innovation

Entrepreneurial, environmental, and musical virtuoso.

Saj Shapiro


Effective leader, corporate citizenship crusader, and fast jet flyer.

Brent Thumlert

Director, Software Solutions and Information Technology

Technophile with a penchant for outdoor adventure.

Board of directors

Lisa DeMarco

Board Member

Bigtime lawyer with life experiences that would fill a book too heavy to lift, but too compelling to put down.

Brad Farquhar

Board Member

Philanthropist, financier, and globally-minded family man.

Art Froehlich

Board Member

Agricultural heavy hitter whose roots run deep through the prairies of Canada and beyond.

Ken Hughes

ICD.D, Board Member

Lifelong politician and Harvard grad with an entrepreneurial mindset, and a taste for adventure.

Howard Kroon

CA, ICD.D, Board Member

Seasoned executive with the golden touch, and a heart of gold.

Special Advisors

Katie Sullivan

Special Advisor to the Board of Directors

In the centre of the Venn diagram of corporate and environmental interests, you’ll find Katie.

Bill Whitelaw

Special Advisor to the Board of Directors

Innovative leader, energy literacy practitioner, pond-hopping professional, and amateur leather crafter.


We’ve got work to do

You’re either with us, or you oughta be.

We’re always on the lookout for people passionate about planet-positive change. Click through to see our current global opportunities or get in touch today with what you’d bring to the table.

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