Emissions Markets

Offset trading has a role to play as we work towards a more sustainable future.

“We leverage the power of emissions markets to help monetize positive change.” – Ed Alfke, CEO

Carbon markets are not only a solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, they also contribute to economic diversification. They have a huge role to play in generating wealth on an individual, industry, and community level. A carbon credit (aka carbon offset) represents a one tonne reduction in carbon dioxide through the work of projects actively aimed at decreasing emissions.

We make access to proven technologies easier for our clients. By leveraging emerging solutions like solar power chemical injection pumps or instrument air packages in the energy industry, we create contracted long-term data streams that they can then monetize via carbon credits.

By using our proprietary software and sound business processes, we measure, report, and verify our clients’ greenhouse gas emission reductions, helping them supplement their revenue.