Your Pathway to Carbon Neutrality. Simplified.

Carbon Neutrality and Net Zero can be intimidating. Our goal is to make sure it’s not. We've designed a unique and actionable phased approach to ensure your path to Carbon Neutral is truly approachable and risk-free.


Climate Smart Certification


Carbon Neutral Certification


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The sooner, the better

Our Pathway to Carbon Neutral is more than just a plan. It’s an actionable strategy that you can start implementing today to get to a true state of carbon neutrality tomorrow.

Much like going to the moon

NASA engineers had no clue how to get their rocket to the moon. Yet it’s the shared goal that drove their progress forward. Achieving Carbon Neutrality/Net Zero globally is no different.

Optimism over pessimism

It’s okay to be afraid of the unknown. Yet there’s no time for pessimism when it comes to climate change. To transform our shared future is to start right here, right now.

Five simple steps

Sign Up, Measure, Reduce, Offset, and Share.

Radicle's Path to Carbon Neutral

Climate Smart Certification.

Calculate and reduce your carbon footprint equipped with our industry-leading knowledge. Support your new skills with our award-winning Climate Smart software and training program.

Complete Radicle’s training & certification program.

Take our exclusive emissions reduction course. Get all the guidance and support you need from our sustainability advisors.

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Radicle Carbon Footprinting software designed to help companies measure and manage carbon emissions.

Create a plan to understand, measure, and reduce emissions.

Start using Radicle’s Climate Smart Software to calculate and manage your carbon emissions.

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Reduce and become Climate Smart Certified.

Put your plan to work. Begin reducing your carbon footprint and watch your operational costs decrease over time. Voilà.

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Carbon Neutral Certification.

Once you've reduced your carbon footprint, you can offset the rest of your emissions through carbon credits to achieve a true Carbon Neutral status.

Become carbon neutral, profitably.

Invest in high-quality offset projects that impact local communities and tell compelling stories. Our Carbon Neutral Certification really does go above and beyond the standard definition.

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It’s time to save our planet’s future. Take the first step.

Knowledge is power.

“Radicle’s Climate Smart training helped us build an optimal implementation plan that is practical yet still gives us room to be aspirational.”

Melissa Radu, Sustainability Manager at Edmonton Convention Centre

“We really just wanted to be early adopters and leaders in reducing emissions not only in our business operation, but in our community as well.”

Jamie Madill, CGO & Director of Sustainability at Platinum Pro-Claim

Help the planet. Become sustainable.