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Alastair Handley

Founder & Board Member

Saj Shapiro


Shahira Esmail

Managing Director, Sustainability Strategy & Credit Development

Chelsea Bryant

Managing Director, Global Markets & Strategy

Ed Alfke

Executive Chair of Radicle’s Board of Directors

Brent Thumlert

Managing Director, Software & Technology

Dwayne LaMontagne

Chief Financial Officer

Elizabeth Sheehan

Director, Strategic Engagement & Founder of Climate Smart

Marlène Lannigan

Director, Climate Smart

Richard Kennedy

Director, Project Development

Cooper Robinson

Director, Innovation

Andy Harris

Director, Strategic Engagement

Bennett Chin

Director, Corporate Strategy and Business Performance

Tyler Cleveland

Managing Director, People & Culture

Rori Cowan

Director, Advisory Services

Roberto Strumpf

Director of Brazil Office

Manjeet Dhillon

Director, Finance

Kevin Heal

Director, Business Development

Christine VanDerwill

Partnerships and Communications Manager, Climate Smart

Roshan Chandapeta

Business Development Specialist, Climate Smart

Marianne Pemberton

Manager, Climate Smart

Mark Cannon

Training Manager, Client Advisor, Climate Smart

Sofia Santos

Sustainability Advisor, Climate Smart

Rachel Speechley

Research and Data Analyst, Climate Smart

Taspia Raka

Advisor, Methane Innovation

Geoff Williams

Sustainability Advisor, Climate Smart

Christopher Hakes

Senior Manager, Corporate Climate Solutions

Tansy Stobart

Corporate Climate Solutions Manager

Arianna Appel

Manager, Customer Success, Climate Smart

Emma Howard

Manager, Global Markets

Matthew Marshall

Environmental Commodities Specialist

Mohit Bagri

Analyst, Global Markets

Ryan Richardson

Manager, Global Markets and Strategy

Brenna Barlow

Manager, Methane Innovation

Louisa Kiely

Director of Business Development Indo-Pacific

Brad Neff

Director, Biofuels Strategy & Market Development

Estrella Herrera

Manager, Client & Project Management

Rachel Fanlo

Special Project Lead, Client & Project Management

Kelley Robins

Manager, Carbon Offset Project Design

Diana Staley

Project Manager, Sustainability

Abraham Masri

Carbon Markets & Sustainability Analyst

Andrea McMurray

Carbon Markets & Sustainability Specialist

Sonia Wellman

Manager, Climate Smart & Conservation Cropping Sales

Christine Ward

Manager, Business Development

Daniel Purcell

Business Development & Account Manager

Ryan Liu

Sustainability Advisor

Juan David Villegas

Senior Advisor, Sustainability

Lisa DeMarco

Board Member

Brad Farquhar

Board Member

Art Froehlich

Board Member

Ken Hughes

ICD.D, Board Member

Howard Kroon

CA, ICD.D, Board Member

Katie Sullivan

Special Advisor to the Board of Directors

Bill Whitelaw

Special Advisor to the Board of Directors