Art Froehlich

Board Member

Art works with a variety of industry stakeholders sharing his expertise with both private and public sector organizations to maximize his positive impact. Over the past three decades, his focus has been on improving agriculture around the world, even working with the Clinton Global Initiative to support their agriculture programs in Africa.

Art’s also involved in a developmental initiative in Peru and the Dominican Republic, and helped start a demonstration farm and radio network in Ghana. From a financial perspective, he also provides support to young agricultural scientists from South Africa and other countries in the developing world to enable them to attend major agricultural scientific conferences.

Though Art’s talents have taken him far since his days spent both building fences in his home province of Saskatchewan and fencing saber at the national level, he remains active on the family farm. He gives his time to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, mentors young entrepreneurs, and even started a number of scholarships for undergraduates at the University of Alberta and Olds College.

Help the planet. Become sustainable.