Brad Farquhar

Board Member

Brad Farquhar is Co-Founder, Executive Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer of Input Capital Corp, the world’s first agriculture commodity streaming company. Input was spun out of Assiniboia Capital Corp., of which Brad was a founding partner. There he founded and managed Assiniboia Farmland Limited Partnership, the oldest and largest farmland investment fund in Canada, which was sold to the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board.

Prior to co-founding Assiniboia, but after he cut his teeth in the working world by cutting grass in a cemetery, Brad spent 15 years at a senior level in federal and provincial politics. Due to his political background, Brad has been involved in election assistance projects in Ukraine, Tajikistan, Egypt, and Jamaica. He also shared his expertise in this area by teaching political science at the University of Regina and serving on the board of the International Centre for Human Rights & Democratic Development in Montreal.

Active in the global community, he and his family have been volunteers of agriculture and micro-enterprise projects in Niger and Mongolia. Their family company, Nomad Capital Corp. is involved in the financing of micro-entrepreneurs in several countries.

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