Ed Alfke

Executive Chair of Radicle’s Board of Directors

Ed’s primary message is that environmental and financial sustainability can – and must – coexist. Backed by this belief, Ed has earned a multitude of business and environmental accolades from around the world. He understands that people and organizations must be incentivized to participate in the low carbon economy, or they’ll continue to do as they’ve always done.

From his first job at a gas station, Ed went on to found Rent-a-Wreck and steer it towards impressive growth and expansion throughout the 1980s. And that was just the beginning, since then he’s become a bonafide serial entrepreneur with more than 30-years experience growing companies in Canada, the US, and the UK. He’s lectured on entrepreneurship at various universities, including Pepperdine and Stanford U, and his success in business has been the subject of case studies for multiple MBA and commerce programs across North America.

Ed has an outstanding track record of strategic corporate leadership, and efficient growth and environmental consciousness across multiple industries. With him at the helm, Radicle is fiercely focused on their goal of becoming the foremost authority in Measure-Report-Verify (MRV) and climate change mitigation strategies in the world.

  • Contributing Author of Amazon Bestseller: The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need, 2012
  • Feature speaker at TedX, 2013
  • EY Entrepreneur of the Year, 2017
  • **BIC Leader Award Recipient, 2018**

Help the planet. Become sustainable.