Katie Sullivan

Special Advisor to the Board of Directors

In the centre of the Venn diagram of corporate and environmental interests, you’ll find Katie.

If there’s a panel, committee, forum, or coalition on how corporate interests can align with environmental ones, expect to hear Katie’s name. She is single-minded in her focus and nearly unrivalled in her expertise on the subject matter. In 2019, Katie was recognized as a Clean16 and Clean50 award recipient for contributing to Clean Capitalism Leadership in Canada.

She currently serves as Managing Director of IETA, the premier global multi-sector business voice for the intersection of markets and climate change. For two decades, IETA’s mission has been to support durable climate policies and financial structures that attract private sector engagement and capital at scale. On behalf of IETA’s 150+ corporate members, Katie leads efforts to inform market solutions to address environmental challenges across the Americas and globally. She also manages IETA’s growing climate finance, aviation, and digital innovation sustainability initiatives. In addition to her work with IETA she sits on multiple committees, panels, and boards championing corporate environmental leadership.

Outside of work, she can be found enhancing her Spanish, planning her next vacation, or taking in the sights and sounds of the city.

Help the planet. Become sustainable.