Shahira Esmail

Managing Director, Sustainability, Global Markets - BMO Radicle

Climate change expert with her eye on some high peaks.

Shahira is deeply passionate about developing solutions to mitigate the impacts of climate change. That passion has been the guiding force behind her extensive education and led to some very impressive credentialing and equally impressive experiences. Shahira’s Master’s dissertation explored how climate change will impact the growth of agroforestry tree species planted between crops or pastures.

In a move to California from Canada to work for Terra Global Capital, she led the first US-based protocol test to prove that carbon offset credits can be developed from rice production. The net of her time in both Canada and the US is a strong background in environmental research and policy, and detailed expertise in data management and analysis, climate change strategy, carbon mitigation, and project management and development. In layman’s terms, Shahira has the skills to help businesses create meaningful environmental impact.

When she’s not poring over spreadsheets, she can be found planning her next bucket list item which happens to be summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro, and by no coincidence is also where her parents grew up.

  • Master’s of Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo

Help the planet. Become sustainable.