Bayer Case Study

Project Type

Credit Development Project



Project Background

In 2016 Radicle was hired lead by the development of a carbon accounting and insetting framework for Bayer with a budget of $500,000. (This project ended in Q1 of 2020). the goal of this project was to create a framework that would allow Bayer to incent the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices by Bayer's clients while allowing Bayer to account for the associated emissions reductions.

In 2017 Bayer hired Radicle to develop a grass root farmer engagement program in Brazil to incent farmers to reduce deforestation and implement integrated agricultural practices.

On July 21, 2020 Bayer launched carbon capture program for the U.D. and Brazil farmers. This program is being built on the work above and Radicle is playing a critical role in this project. In August Radicle signed an agreement to develop credits from these pilot projects.

Our goal is to be the credit development service provider for Bayer global.

Help the planet. Become sustainable.