Colortec Creative's equipment updates lead to big GHG reductions

Project Type

Climate Smart Certification


Burnaby, BC, Canada

Actions Implemented

  • Propane forklift switched to electric
  • Replacement of dryer and press


reduction in GHG emissions


reduction in natural gas use


reduction in electricity

The Big Picture

Climate Smart Service

Climate Smart Certification, 2013 — 2021


Manufacturing (Wood, Printing, Oil, Plastic)


Burnaby, BC, Canada

About Colortec Creative

Colortec Creative Print Solutionsis more than just a printing company. With over 30 years of business, Colortec has evolved and grown with the current economic climate while maintaining a high level of performance and high-quality printing.

Going Climate Smart

As a family-run business, Colortec always strives to exceed their clients’ needs in a sustainable way. In order to create a competitive advantage for their business and ensure a high level of social responsibility, Colortec joined Climate Smart in 2014 to measure and manage their carbon footprint.

The Results

Over the years, Colortec has undertaken several reduction strategies resulting in impressive cost savings, and a 64% GHG reduction compared to their baseline year.

Colortec has seen an especially impressive amount of GHG reductions from a number of equipment upgrades and changes. For example, Colortec retired a natural gas-powered dryer in 2018, reducing their natural gas use by 64%. Equally impressive, Colortec eliminated fuel emissions from their heavy equipment by switching their propane forklift to electric.

In 2017, Colortec made the decision to switch from their traditional screen-printing roots to fully digital, replacing their old screen press and large electric dryer with a new energy-efficient LED UV digital press, contributing to a reduction in electricity consumption by 46%.

"Since 2014, Colortec has achieved a staggering 64% reduction in their GHG emissions while maintaining a strong presence in the business community."


How they did it

  • Upgrading to new energy-efficient LED UV digital press
  • Retiring a natural gas-powered dryer
  • Switching propane forklift to electric
  • Right-sizing of fleet vehicles
  • Replacing shop lighting with low energy LED Fixtures
  • Implementing a recycling program for the materials they use
  • Switching from paper to electronic invoicing

What's next for Colortec Creative Print Solutions

Colortec continues to make conscious decisions to reduce their emissions from other sources with a variety of strategies, such as right-sizing of fleet vehicles, replacing shop lighting with low energy LED Fixtures, implementing a recycling program for the materials they use, and switching from paper to electronic invoicing.

Help the planet. Become sustainable.