Left Coast Naturals achieves 12% reduction in emissions while growing their business

Project Type

Climate Smart Certification


Burnaby, BC, Canada

Actions Implemented

  • Incentives for lower emission modes of travel
  • Switching to rail & marine shipments
  • Combining orders of inbound shipments
  • Customer education
  • Programmable thermostats and LED lighting


reduction in emissions intensity


reduction in shipping related emissions


overall reduction from baseline

The Big Picture

Climate Smart Service

Climate Smart Certification, 2010 — 2021


Manufacturing (Food, Textiles, Leather)


Burnaby, BC, Canada

About Left Coast Naturals

Left Coast Naturals is an organic and natural food manufacturer and distributor based in the greater Vancouver regional district, and a longstanding Climate Smart certified business. With sustainability as one of the core principles of the company, Left Coast Naturals has continuously adapted the way they do business, seeing sustainably as an ‘improvement, not an end goal’. In addition to Climate Smart Certification, Left Coast Naturals was one of the founding Certified B-Corp organizations in Canada and contributes to advocacy initiatives to support organic farming practices and farms, and local food initiatives.

The Challenge

Food manufacturers that are dependent on transportation of goods through 3rd party contractors often struggle with lowering their footprint associated with shipping. In most instances, the frequency & size of shipments are determined by client’s requirement which makes it challenging to use alternate mode of shipment or to combine shipments.

Going Climate Smart

Since first joining the Climate Smart program in 2012, Left Coast Naturals has consistently measured and managed their carbon footprint using the Climate Smart program, working closely with client advisors to continuously build upon evermore ambitious reduction strategies, in particular with respect to shipping related emissions. Their continued commitment to sustainability has allowed Left Coast Naturals to experience reductions in their overall emissions while also growing as a business.

In 2019, Left Coast Naturals achieved an overall reduction of 12% from their 2014 baseline inventory and a 40% reduction in emissions per full-time equivalent employee. Climate Smart data has also been key to demonstrating Left Coast Naturals’ exceptional achievements in the environmental area of the B-Corp assessment and ranking in the top 20% of all BCorps as a Best for the World honouree

The Results

  • 25% reduction in shipping related emissions.
  • 14% reduction in freight kilometres
  • 12% overall reduction from 2014 baseline inventory
  • 40% reduction in emissions/ full time equivalent employees

Not only has this helped reduce emissions and an estimated $118,375 in fuel savings to date, but has also saved PPCR time and money in maintenance. An estimated $100/month for each vehicle is saved through the reduced repairs and maintenance and longer expected operational years of the EVs in their fleet.

To help promote the adoption of EVs in their community, 9 of PPCR’s EV chargers are listed on the PlugShare BC map for public use. PPCR pays for the electricity and has found ways to offset this cost and electricity usage throughout their facility.

"There is massive value to our business through having the Climate Smart Team assist us, first with measuring our carbon footprint, then with guidelines on how to create practical strategies to reduce our footprint and continuously improve year over year. Climate Smart is an essential partner for us to navigate through our sustainability journey."

Ian Walker - President

How they did it

  • For products with longer shelf lives using locomotive and marine shipments over trucks whenever possible.
  • Placing bulk purchase orders to reduce inbound shipping freight kilometers.
  • Instituted a policy to have dedicated shipping days for different regions resulting in bulk outbound shipments. This also helped in easing the load on warehouse staff as shipping products are spread out more evenly throughout the week and increased overall efficiency with fewer errors in orders.
  • Implemented mandatory minimums for keeping trucks full. The side benefits include less paperwork for staff to process and fewer pallets to wrap which reduces plastic consumption as well.
  • Educate and encourage customers to consolidate orders to make fewer deliveries.
  • In the warehouse, installed programmable thermostats (to maintain suitable temperatures during working hours and lower when the warehouse is empty).
  • Energy efficiency measures such as natural lighting, energy-efficient lighting systems, and LEED-certified workstations made from recycled materials.
  • Ensuring auto shut off for all office equipment such as printers and computer monitors.
  • Energy Reduction Initiatives through Bullfrog Power, a renewable energy provider, for electricity and natural gas needs for the company warehouse and office space.
  • Provided incentives to employees to walk, bike, or use public transportation to get to work.
  • Provided bike storage and shower facilities on site.

What's next for Left Coast Naturals

  • Increasing the amount of Renewable energy purchase through Bullfrog Power to cover 100% of both electricity and natural gas usage for the company warehouse and office space
  • Conducting Life Cycle Assessments on the new products

Help the planet. Become sustainable.