Platinum Pro-Claim Restoration’s sustainability culture is elevating its industry

Project Type

Climate Smart Certification


Richmond, BC, Canada

Actions Implemented

Understand, measure, and create green plans to reduce your emissions.

  • Implementing a waste sorting program
  • Creating a waste haulage trip reduction system
  • Replacing legacy gas vehicles in the fleet with electric vehicles
  • Employee onboarding and training
  • Provided EV charging stations at their warehouse for public use
  • Bringing sustainability and emission reduction opportunities outside of their business operations and into the community to have a greater impact


reduction in emissions intensity in tonnes of CO2e per $1000 revenue*


in avoided vehicle emissions by transitioning part of operations from gas to electric fleet*


in fuel savings since 2015

The Big Picture

Climate Smart Service

Climate Smart Certification, 2015 — 2021




Richmond, BC, Canada

About PPCR

Platinum Pro-Claim Restoration (PPCR) is a full-service property restoration company that specializes in restoring homes that have been damaged by events such as floods, fires, storms, or mould. At the very core, PPCR and its people exist to help others in need by restoring homes, building communities, developing people, and caring for the planet. As the very first restoration company in Canada to be Climate Smart certified, PPCR’s mission is to lead the way and elevate our entire industry in sustainability.

The Challenge

PPCR’s original goal was simply to be environmentally responsible. Fostering a culture of sustainability within their organization, they felt it was the right thing to do. Their focus was on diverting as much waste and emissions as they could, but they also wanted to showcase their position as an innovator in their industry.

Going Climate Smart

While PPCR was not initially concerned about actively tracking their reductions and data, when they wanted to take their emission reductions seriously, they knew they needed the data to make informed and impactful decisions. By going Climate Smart, PPCR has been able to understand not only the impact their decisions have made, but also what future emissions reduction opportunities are available.

The Results

Despite seeing significant company growth between 2016 and 2019, PPCR has made steady progress in reducing their GHG emissions on a percentage basis, relative to their baseline. Through their continual work, PPCR has been able to achieve a 25% reduction in their emissions intensity (tCO2e) per $1000 revenue. PPCR increased their EV and plug-in-hybrid fleet by 375% from 2016 to 2020 – going from just 4 in the first year to 15.

Not only has this helped reduce emissions and an estimated $118,375 in fuel savings to date, but has also saved PPCR time and money in maintenance. An estimated $100/month for each vehicle is saved through the reduced repairs and maintenance and longer expected operational years of the EVs in their fleet.

To help promote the adoption of EVs in their community, 9 of PPCR’s EV chargers are listed on the PlugShare BC map for public use. PPCR pays for the electricity and has found ways to offset this cost and electricity usage throughout their facility.

"We really wanted to be early adopters and leaders in reducing emissions not only in our business operations but in our community as well. Everyone needs to get here - we’re just leading the way."

JAMIE MADILL - CFO & Director of Sustainability

How they did it

  • Incorporating waste sorting education into employee onboarding process
  • Transitioning a portion of the fleet to electric vehicles
  • Bringing recycling to local facilities themselves to eliminate the need for additional vehicles to drive to the warehouse, reducing emissions and traffic
  • Installed 9 charging stations at their warehouse for public use, helping promote electric vehicle (EV) adoption in their community
  • Repurposing what they can rather than recycling to focus on the circular economy
  • Donating usable items to multiple charities to divert from the landfill
  • Fostering a culture of sustainability through values and volunteering initiatives
  • Working with local partners who share similar values

What's next for Platinum Pro-Claim

It doesn’t stop here for PPCR. While actively working on their long-term plans and establishing their carbon neutrality goal, PPCR is proud to share their story and encourage others to tackle their emissions. Their motivator right now is to help move the needle forward in the adoption of EVs and sustainable management of waste and debris across the restoration industry.

Some of their short-term goals include:

  • The electrification of 25% of their fleet
  • Establishing processes for their satellite offices to make further emission reductions
  • Adding additional data collection metrics and internal processes to track more emission reduction opportunities
  • Expanding their community impact tracking to measure waste diverted from the landfill outside of their business operations

Help the planet. Become sustainable.