Shell Quest

Project Type

Carbon Capture and Storage


Alberta, Canada

Protocol: Capture of CO2 and Permanent Storage in Deep Saline Aquifiers.

Shell Quest is an offset development project designed to produce and sell carbon credits from CO2 reductions at the Scotsford Upgrader near Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. By capturing produced CO2 and injecting it into a saline formation near Thorhild, Alberta, Shell has prevented more than 5 million tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. To date, Shell Quest has stored more CO2 underground than any onshore CCS facility in the world with dedicated geological storage.

The project generates revenue through government funding and grants and through the generation of credits from every tonne of CO2 injected. Credits are doubled through an agreement with the Government of Alberta because on the project's innovative nature, making Quest a highly profitable project for Shell and a boon to the environment and economy of Alberta.

Radicle guided Shell through the project development, initial project registration, and credit generation phases of the project to ensure the project could successfully develop tradeable credits at a profitable level.

Results that change the world.

5 million tonnes

of CO2 kept from atmosphere

~$500 million

in revenue generated

$298 million in funding

from the Alberta government

~$25 million in variable costs to the economy

in staffing, MMV, maintenance, and variable costs to the economy in 2019 alone


  • Project Planning & Development
  • Credit Development
  • Trading Support
  • Advisory
  • Training
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