Stories from the Voluntary Carbon Market: Cookstove Projects

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Every voluntary carbon offset project tells a story. These stories are often both distinctive and compelling. BURN Cookstove projects enable families in rural African communities to prepare food using cleaner, more efficient cooking technology. These stoves cut fuel usage, reduce deforestation, and provide positive health impacts. Watch the recording where BURN and Radicle discuss the importance of cookstoves in the Voluntary Carbon Market and why businesses should consider buying BURN Somalia cookstove credits. 

You can look forward to learning about:

  • BURN Cookstoves reduce greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Carbon finance flows to the people in the project area 
  • These projects are created and their impact on local communities 

Christopher Hakes

Senior Manager of Corporate Climate Solutions,  Radicle

Lucie Millard

Carbon Partnership Manager - BURN 

Mohammed Adam

Country Manager, Somali Regions - BURN 

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