Senior Associate, Carbon Offset Project Design

Candidates are preferably based in Calgary, AB but we encourage you to apply from wherever you are, including the U.S

As a Senior Associate, Carbon Offset Project Design at Radicle, you will be on the leading edge of carbon offset program development. Working with Radicle’s Project Design Analysts and Associates, you will lead the creation of new carbon offset programs, from initial program onboarding to project pilot and scale-up. You will be part of a vibrant team working together to develop systems, tools, and resources that will support development of high-quality carbon offset programs at scale.

Working closely with Radicle’s Innovation Department and Project Development Teams, as well as subject matter experts across a variety of sectors, you will help shape the company’s growth by working on business cases, developing carbon offset programs, managing pilot projects, and integrating learnings into programmatic project design. You will also build processes, collaborate on software solutions, and shape training solutions for our Client & Project Management and Data Quality groups within the Project Development team.

Primary Job Components

  • Own the technical project design work of new carbon offset projects from initial onboarding, through the pilot phases and on to programmatic credit development at scale.
  • Create effective system requirements documentation for Software Development and actively participate in system design and development.
  • Understand challenges with existing programmatic project types and collaborate with system users and stakeholders to improve processes.
  • Continually work towards better processes and systems.
  • Participate in strategy development on new projects and create new processes that will enable end results and meet revenue targets.
  • Collaborate with other departments to continuously improve and integrate data capture with project design objectives.
  • Complete data analysis and QA/QC, and execute on program monitoring, reporting, and auditing requirements.
  • Provide mentorship to junior team members, helping to shape their professional progression.
  • Be an active member of a motivated, engaged, and positive team environment.

Position requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, business and management or related.
  • 5-10 years experience in developing offset projects, GHG accounting, emissions management, or a related field
  • Subject matter expertise in one or more of the following sectors: Forestry, Agricultural land management, Oil & Gas/ Industrial.
  • Familiarity with global carbon policy, carbon standards, and carbon methodologies and protocols. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in developing projects on major voluntary registries such as Verra, Gold Standard, CAR, ACR.
  • Deep appreciation of the importance of corporate values and an understanding of how to apply them in a professional setting.
  • Technical expertise to make decisions combined with strong organizational, writing, and research experience that will enable the design and development of carbon offset projects.
  • Excellent analytical skills, and practical business thinking to lead the design and management of carbon offset projects including the drafting and design of Project Design Documents (PDDs), managing projects through validation, verification, and registration, and the oversight of regular project monitoring, audits, and carbon credit issuance cycle.
  • Positivity and high expectations of self and team combined with a passion for fighting climate change and serving customers.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage complex projects with a large number of stakeholders to deliver results on time.
  • Ability to self-motivate and work both independently and in a collaborative team setting.


Radicle is a team driving planet-positive change through a combination of technology and people. Being part of that energy typically involves touching base with your team at some point throughout the day in what we call our Daily Standup, which for you might be at the beginning or middle of your day. After that you can mob, pair, or take on an endeavor on your own – it's entirely about how you work best with the challenge you’ve set out to solve. You’ll work with product owners on a delivery team to deliver and demo increments each sprint, and to plan out the next sprint.

EQ vs IQ. Our culture embraces both emotional and intellectual intelligence. In fact, we care more about your EQ. Psychological safety is a necessity if we are to reach our ambitious goals. That’s why we’ve partnered with CultureSmith, which gives us the tools we need and continued education to ensure leaders stay leaders and teams stay teams.

It’s a journey, not a destination. We celebrate failures as learning experiences. Our goal is to course-correct early and often – that's one way we’ll know we’re on the right path.

We invest in our people. Everyone has room to grow personally and professionally, and we try to equip each individual with the resources to continue to learn and grow on their journey. This includes time and budgets for professional development. We strive to give you a safe place to grow and will push you outside of your comfort zones.

No-one is an island. You’ll be called upon by your peers for technical guidance, and since this is a senior position you’ll have experience (and failures) under your belt to help offer sensible advice. You’ll be expected to collaborate with your peers both internally and externally to your business unit, and given freedoms to express solutions creatively.

Email your resume to with the Job Title in the subject line to apply.

We thank all applicants for their interest in advance. Only those chosen for interviews will be contacted.

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