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We’ve never met a sustainability problem we didn’t see as an opportunity.

July 7, 2020

At Radicle, we partner with our clients to measure their environmental impact and identify new value streams. Over the past decade and under different names, our team has been called upon by governmental, regulatory, and environmental entities, as well as private companies to help implement and advise on planet-positive solutions. 

We worked on Alberta’s pneumatic protocol, ensuring the requirements of the Alberta Climate Change Office were met, developed a carbon insetting framework for Bayer, and were key contributors to Shell’s Quest carbon capture and storage facility. Our team is made up of global experts in environmental markets, greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting, natural climate solutions, and life cycle assessments. “We’re not a conventional consulting team,” says Shahira Esmail, Director of Advisory Services at Radicle, “we use our very own brand of quirky, creative thinking to approach and solve problems of all sizes and levels of complexity, often unlocking value that had previously gone unobserved.” 

As your one-stop-shop for all things sustainability, it’s important to us that we walk the walk, not just talk the talk – and it should be important to you too. Naturally, we have our own environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, and have attracted a team of people who live eco-consciously both on and off the clock. Because of this, we have the luxury of being able to draw from a large pool of knowledge to stay up-to-date with ESG news, trends, and data as it emerges. 

So, whatever your sustainability problem or opportunity, we’ve got the answer (or the drive and expertise to arrive at one) perfectly suited to your organization. We work well as a team, and well with teams. Together with our clients, industry partners, and stakeholders, we’re creating made-to-measure solutions for measurable results. We’re eager to show you what’s possible.

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