Sustainability Advisor, Climate Smart Services

Candidates are preferably based in Vancouver, BC.

The Sustainability Advisor is integral to the delivery of Radicle's Climate Smart Certification program. Using Radicle's Climate Smart Certification program, Sustainability Advisors work to guide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across North America to measure their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and implement targeted reduction strategies to manage them.

Sustainability Advisors are responsible for the carbon accounting, reduction planning, and certification for their growing client portfolio while contributing to the team's ongoing quality of service and process improvements. As part of a fast-growing company, the Sustainability Advisor is responsible for ensuring the quality and on-time delivery of the Climate Smart Certification program to our clients.

Primary Job Components

  • Provide clients with technical support for GHG emissions inventories, develop emissions reduction plans, and assist in achieving Climate Smart certification.
  • Provide guidance on GHG inventory boundary-setting and emission reductions in accordance with the principles of the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.
  • Conduct a detailed review of completed inventories, delivering feedback on methodology and data quality according to the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and Climate Smart best practices.
  • Generate documentation for clients upon completion of their Climate Smart certification, including GHG inventory reports, case studies, and internal records.
  • Assist in tracking the progress of participating companies and organizations and helping to ensure that they finish the tasks required to successfully complete their certification in a timely fashion
  • Contribute to the build-out of target-setting pathways for clients who have purchased advisory add-on packages.
  • Participate in regular team meetings to share best practices and resolve issues pertaining to client retention and related revenue goals.
  • Develop projections and analyze the business case for different emission reduction strategies.
  • Contribute to the ongoing effectiveness and efficiency of program delivery and certification for clients and Radicle.

Experience, Skills and Characteristics

  • Post-secondary education in environmental sciences and business, or equivalent training and work experience. Graduate degree and/or training related to Organizational Greenhouse Gas Accounting, climate change or GHG management is an asset.
  • At least 1-year of experience advising or guiding a business through data collection and emissions quantification for an organizational greenhouse gas emissions inventory.
  • 1-year experience advising or guiding a business towards appropriate emission reduction strategies to address their largest sources of emissions an asset.
  • Mastery of Excel required and Salesforce CRM an asset.
  • Organized and comfortable dealing with large sets of data, proven ability to extract unique insights from complex data
  • Experience in GHG Accounting and knowledge of climate change research as it relates to emission inventories a strong asset.
  • Strong critical thinking and methodological analysis skills.
  • Strong oral and written communications skills with an ability to communicate to technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Ability to manage time and manage multiple projects.
  • Experience with Tableau and Adobe Products is desirable.
  • Experience in client service or advisory roles: 1 – 3 years.
  • Open-minded, creative problem solver, analytical, technically proficient in data analysis, excellent time management.
  • Entrepreneurial, self-starter.
  • Customer Service Oriented enjoys presenting complex information to non-technical audiences.


Radicle is a team driving planet-positive change through a combination of technology and people. Being part of that energy typically involves touching base with your team at some point throughout the day in what we call our Daily Standup, which for you might be at the beginning or middle of your day. After that you can mob, pair, or take on an endeavor on your own – it's entirely about how you work best with the challenge you’ve set out to solve. You’ll work with product owners on a delivery team to deliver and demo increments each sprint, and to plan out the next sprint.

EQ vs IQ. Our culture embraces both emotional and intellectual intelligence. In fact, we care more about your EQ. Psychological safety is a necessity if we are to reach our ambitious goals. That’s why we’ve partnered with CultureSmith, which gives us the tools we need and continued education to ensure leaders stay leaders and teams stay teams.

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No-one is an island. You’ll be called upon by your peers for technical guidance, and since this is a senior position you’ll have experience (and failures) under your belt to help offer sensible advice. You’ll be expected to collaborate with your peers both internally and externally to your business unit, and given freedoms to express solutions creatively.

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