Regenerative agriculture

Becoming more resilient through farming practices.

We recognize the pressure farmers and growers face to increase food production for our expanding population, while doing it more sustainably. By enhancing the health of your soil, you can sequester carbon and make your land more resilient to droughts and floods, among other benefits.

Radicle is a leader in agricultural offset credit development and has grown this expertise throughout Canada, the US, and Brazil. Together with our partners, we pioneer projects throughout the Americas to create pathways for farmers to be rewarded through carbon offsets, insets, or supply chain reporting initiatives.

From conservation cropping in Canada and grasslands projects in the US, to integrated crop-livestock-forestry systems in Brazil and everywhere in between, we work with farmers to implement sustainable practices that pay.

We’ve applied carbon credits from millions of acres of farmland and helped thousands of farmers earn extra revenue from their sustainability methods. If you work in farming and want to see if you have a project eligible for carbon credits, get in touch.


The conservation cropping protocol in Alberta is wrapping up, with 2021 being the last year to claim. We are committed to providing ways to help farmers generate income from low-carbon farming practices and are investigating other protocols globally that we can use to generate revenue for you in the future.

If you’re a farmer practicing low-till farming in Saskatchewan, reach out to discuss eligibility in a Saskatchewan program.